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About Us


Cuba Libre Group (CLG) is committed to providing affordable, accurate and accessible legal document services. We do not provide legal advice or representation as we are NOT attorneys. Our clients trust us for expert document preparation at reasonable prices.

Maria Fundora, a Cuban national and immigrant, established CLG to help people just like herself with low-cost legal document services. She is on the front lines making sure  that everyone who visits the office receives the service they deserve and is not misled with information that could damage their case. Although she is NOT a lawyer; but she can help her client verify information so that when it comes time to hire an attorney he/she is licensed and in good standing with the American Bar Association.


Cuba Libre Group (CLG) offers affordable document preparation for those looking to complete their naturalization resident alien card, (i.e. Cuban Adjustment Act - I-485) family-based petitions (I-130), Application for Work Authorization (I-765), Application for  Asylum and Withholding (I-589) & U.S. citizenship (N-400). 

We also provide paralegal services only to attorneys licensed to practice law in the United States who are in good standing with the states in which they are licensed. All paralegal services provided are under the direction and supervision of a licensed attorney who is professionally responsible to his or her client for that work product.

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